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Continuous Hazardous Gas Detection Systems Must Comply with Upgraded Requirements 3/1/2015

It makes no sense to operate with an out-of-date and perhaps out-of-compliance hazardous gas detection system. Continuous “fixed” hazardous gas and flame detection has progressed from being simple asset protection “alarms” to connectivity solution sets able to reduce liability exposure, minimize downtime and lower total cost of ownership. The most important aspects of monitoring for combustible, flammable and toxic gases and oxygen deficient conditions are current certification with safety and regulatory approval agencies, scalable and flexible architecture and distributed intelligence and multi-protocol interfaces for plant-wide system and cloud integration.

We’re very pleased to represent Sierra Monitor Corporation. In business since 1979, this legacy Silicon Valley manufacturer has over 100,000 installed points of detection, offers US-made components and focuses on lowest total cost of ownership solutions and the most advanced integrated connectivity options.