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Continuous Area Dust Monitoring Now Required for Many Construction Sites 3/1/2015

Continuous monitoring of fugitive (“nuisance” or “visible”) dust emissions save money by avoiding air quality violations, lessening community concerns and minimizing dust suppression costs. More communities have enacted “visible emissions” regulations and real-time data is the optimal method of proving compliance with local and federal EPA dust regulations. Proper placement of monitors enable civil and remediation contractors, natural resource site operators, abrasive blasting contractors and sites with haul roads to also determine if exceedences are on-site or from another source, as well as enabling immediate operational changes when alarm limits are encountered.

Ambient particulate monitors enable corrective actions, at the source, long before violation of community health and safety codes, visibility standards or soiling of structures. Continuous, real-time and remote, continuously-accessible data allow instant notification and control of impending alarms or system malfunctions as well as providing information to prove compliance within acceptable limits. Risk mitigation is improved, liability and risks exposure are minimized.