Specialty Scientific USAmarketentry: the Point of Entry for your success in North America.

Set up a commercial presence in the world’s largest economy.

A “direct presence” in the U.S. will enable better and faster communication with your customers, increase your company’s brand-awareness and complete transactions more easily and at less cost. America is a single large market, has a stable, growing GDP, high levels of research and capital investment and a well-developed infrastructure—can you afford not to be here?

Specialty Scientific’s USAmarketentry program enables small and medium-sized businesses to establish an American base of operations easily.

The United States has many federal and state regulations to ensure legal and financial stability and predictable business transactions. USAmarketentry will connect you with all the resources you need to succeed in the USA: legal, financial, logistical, regulatory and commercial. Improve your marketing and your margins with direct representation in the U.S.

Specialty Scientific’s USAmarketentry program defines each requirement and we will do the work to start-up your commercial operation.

Your staff can remain focused upon your existing day-to-day business. We are the Point of Entry for your success in North America. You can engage all our resources or only a few; it’s your choice.

Let’s arrange a discussion about your requirements and our capabilities.

Send us a general description of your business (or website) and we’ll send you more information about our company, our resources and a more complete description of our capabilities. Then we can arrange a Skype call to more completely discuss your requirements and answer any of your questions.

USAmarketentry is focused on European small and medium-sized enterprises, especially manufacturers of scientific and technical engineered products.

The Specialty Scientific USAmarketentry program has three phases:

  • The first is the legal formation and registration of your U.S. organization. This phase includes the federal identification number, bank account, tax registration, import requirements and insurance.
  • Next is the accounting phase, including tax obligations, quarterly and yearly document submissions and day-to-day operational bookkeeping and staffing.
  • The final phase, if desired, is the commercial implantation of commercial contracts, transaction processes, channel definition and management and “direct” sales and marketing activities.

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