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The Most-Used Instrument to Comply with 53 Federal Regulations that Require EPA Monitoring 3/1/2015

VOC monitoring using EPA method 21 “Determination of volatile organic compound leaks” is well-defined and rigorous. Portable, instrinsically-safe FID/PID toxic vapor analyzers enable audit and maintenance teams to conform to LDAR programs, reduce “do-over” packing and component repair costs and ensure compliance with air quality regulations.

Thermo Scientific TVA-series analyzers are used in over 90% of the compliance monitoring required by method 21. All US petroleum refineries, the national EPA audit team, the largest LDAR consultancies and all state and local enforcement bureaus utilize the TVA 1000B.

Industry must know exactly what is being emitted from its facilities. The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments mandate precise and accurate accountability of hazardous air pollutants being emitted as Title III.